Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alve'ona got new shades!

Mrs. D gave Alve'ona new shades! You look great, Alve'ona!

Where did my class go?

It is funny to look into a classroom with no kids that looks like the kids are still there!

Fun at recess!

Our schedule may have changed today, but we still had fun outside at recess! Line tag is one of our favorite games!

Shamarya Earned a Millionaire Buck!

Shamarya earned a millionaire buck on her way into school today! WOW! Great job, Shamarya!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pajama Party Pictures

I received a few pictures from our pajama party! What a fun party that Team 102 earned as a reward for completing our compliment chain! Keep up the good work!

Get ConnectED!

I sent home a paper today with your child's ConnectED username and password. You can access our online reading curriculum by going to the website below. There are many wonderful resources available!

If you need another copy of the different screen shots (pictures) of how to navigate through this website, please email me ( so I can send you the PDF.

Makya Earned a Millionaire Buck!

Makya was so kind. When she realized Malcolm didn't get a cupcake she sweetly offered him her cupcake. You are so thoughtful, Makya! I'm glad I heard your act of kindness and rewarded you with a millionaire buck!

Where did Zach go?

Miss Perchinski got scared when she came in the classroom while our class was at gym! Zach set up his coat to look like he was there!!! So silly, Zach!

Emma Earns a Millionaire Buck

Mrs. Kunkle gave Emma a millionaire buck at lunch today! Way to go Emma! Great job being Cochran outside of our classroom!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Spelling City

Miss Perchinski has signed up with SpellingCity!

I will place our spelling lists online each week so you can practice our spelling words at home. Make sure you pick the correct list based on the Unit and Week!

Here's how to get there...